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Production Real-Time Performance Testing with AppDynamics and SOASTA

December 02, 2011

The AppDynamics real-time application monitoring solution has been integrated with the SOASTA (News - Alert) CloudTest Platform. Full-scale performance tests of production systems can be quickly set up and run by users with this solution. This is possible by using SOASTA with Java and .NET (News - Alert) performance analytics collected through AppDynamics. A joint announcement in this regard has been made by SOASTA and AppDynamics. SOASTA is an organization in cloud-based performance testing. AppDynamics is the next generation Application Performance Management or APM (News - Alert) company.

Simulated workloads and controlled environment variables are relied upon by traditional development testing. The manner in which the application will perform under production load is however not represented correctly through these methods. The testing of peak loads in production during off-peak hours is enabled with SOASTA and AppDynamics. The time required to construct a test and deploy production-level monitoring is therefore minimal. A single view of the application's performance is made available with SOASTO to operations, development and testing teams. Root cause at the code level can be also identified by teams in about three clicks with AppDynamics. Real-time, agile performance testing in production is therefore enabled with both these solutions working in tandem.

In a release, Tom Lounibos (News - Alert), CEO, SOASTA said, "Web application performance can be critical to a business, and the integration of SOASTA CloudTest and AppDynamics' best-of-breed APM solution gives organizations everything they need to conduct fast, comprehensive real-time tests with visibility into virtually every aspect of the application's performance."

According to Lounibos, previously, live production testing was not done using advanced monitoring and testing tools. A powerful combined solution from SOASTA and AppDynamics built for speed is now breaking all the old rules.

Users can quickly run tests and collect metrics at the deepest level in .NET and Java applications with the easily deployable AppDynamics and SOASTA CloudTest. Full-scale tests in production environments can be proactively run by users. Instant and complete visibility into critical business transactions can be therefore gained by users. This will help users to compare results, establish baselines and continually monitor application performance. Production failures can be avoided by the teams with the integrated solution.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

Edited by Juliana Kenny
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