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Workforce Optimization at Your Fingertips with NICE's Industry-First Mobile WFO Suite

October 11, 2012

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices have taken today’s workforce by storm. Mobility and constant access is the key to a successful business and customer satisfaction. NICE Systems (News - Alert), a provider of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, has adopted to the fast-changing industry and has introduced the industry’s first mobile workforce optimization suite.

“We have a wonderful user community, and that user community has spoken. We’ve listened to a lot of the drive of tablet usage in the workforce and that’s what’s brought us to this point,” said Matthew Storm (News - Alert), director of Innovations and Solutions, NICE, in an interview.

The mobile suite grants customer service managers and employees access to operational and personal data at any time, from anywhere, using their mobile phone or tablet. With the tablet application NICE Manager On-the-Go, contact center managers can involves themselves in all ongoing interactions in real-time, including monitoring service calls, viewing the status of their agents, understanding what is being discussed, observing customer sentiment and identifying interactions that warrant their intervention.

“We’ve seen the increase in tablet usage in the workforce in general, including contact centers, retail stores and branches, and that’s really what’s driven us to this point,” explained Storm. “The manager on-the-go needs some of the same tools or resources that they can have at their desktop or whenever they log in to their laptop. Some of the mobility features of Manager On-the-Go are the types of things that we’ve heard from our customers.”

This set of applications falls in line with NICE’s vision for the engaged enterprise, where businesses work hard to ensure consumers can do business with them when and how they choose. Mobile-enabled workforce optimization solutions are helping companies to embrace this consumerization of business technology to transform their workplace.

“Our vision for the engaged enterprise is that just as a customer can reach out and engage in organization, typically 24/7 and across maybe five different channels, the engaged enterprise is also there,” Storm added. “We want to be able to engage with those customers and make sure the employees that are engaging with those customers have the right tools. For a manager to have this type of information at their fingertips, literally ready to engage with their employees or assist those customer-facing employees, is providing them with the tools to be able to do that real-time, and not just, ‘when I get back to my desk,’ or, ‘when I get in tomorrow.’”

Frontline managers in particular need to balance multiple tasks throughout the day. With the WFO suite, regardless of their physical location, managers can monitor employee performance across key performance indicators (KPIs), perform scheduling changes, respond to time-off requests, provide coaching when necessary to drive improvements and approve or contest commissions and rewards. All of these mobile capabilities allow faster responses to employee, customer and market demands, saving valuable management time and increasing employee satisfaction.

Image via NICE

Employees also have control over their scheduling requests and access to their development plans, performance statistics and variable pay. Enabling employees to complete tasks at will, when, where and using the device they choose, can go a long way toward building a sense of empowerment. 

“It’s critical to enable customer service managers and employees the flexibility to use our solutions regardless of their location,” said Yochai Rozenblat, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement. “For the first time, managers can basically hold contact center operations in their hands and can take the immediate steps necessary to shape their operations in real time to assure customer satisfaction. In today’s empowered work environment, all enterprise applications should provide these capabilities.”

To learn more about the mobile workforce optimization suite, visit NICE’s website.

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