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'Call Your Customers Back' - Fixing a Common Complaint about Customer Service Organizations

February 06, 2013

The importance of customer service and interaction cannot be understated. In order to succeed as a business, you have to do everything in your power to ensure the customer experience is of top quality. This includes training call center agents properly, interacting with customers on different access points and channels and calling them back when you say you will.

One of the most commonly received comments about customer service organizations regard failed callbacks and broken promises in the Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback from different customer care touchpoints. Callback-related complaints can be a big threat to the business-customer relationship. According to a recent NICE Systems blog post, “Technical problems and unfavorable company policies can be excused, but insufficient (or lacking) agent effort cannot. Having to call customer care again only magnifies customer dissatisfaction. ”

The blog splits failed callbacks into two categories: employee and operational constraints. Employee constraints are under the agent’s control and include a reluctance to deal with an annoyed customer or complicated issue, forgetting to call back or failing to reach the customer on the first attempt and giving up.

Operational constraints are those that are out of the agent’s hands. These include lack of bandwidth, such as having too many incoming calls and no time to return to earlier issues, escalation process, where agents may not have the authority or expertise to make a decision or take action, and if the call comes in at the end of a shift, which can play a part in both operational and employee constraints.

The importance of clearly stated follow-up processes, well-trained agents and monitoring employee performance are vital to a company’s success. NICE Systems (News - Alert) offers customer interaction management solutions that help improve customer interaction across all communication channels and points in real-time. It provides solutions for compliance and risk, as well as workforce optimization, operational efficiency, sales and retention and more, ensuring the customer is always happy.

Included in the customer interactions management portfolio is NICE’s Real-Time Speech Analytics solution. For the fourth consecutive year, DMG Consulting LLC, an industry analyst and consulting firm specializing in customer-focused business strategy, operations and technology services, recognized NICE as a global market leader in speech analytics, holding a 28.3 percent market share based on number of seats and has the largest number of customers.

NICE’s Real-Time Speech Analytics solution for the enterprise enables users to understand customer intent while the customer interaction with the contact center agent is occurring, giving NICE clients better control over their agent performance for an immediate impact. To learn more, visit

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo
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