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OrcaEyes Appoints Brad Hilbert as President of Workforce Planning and Analytics Division

February 06, 2013

OrcaEyes, a provider of strategies and solutions for workforce optimization, recently appointed Brad Hilbert as President of the company’s Workforce Planning and Analytics Division. Hilbert was earlier handling the designation of Chief Technology Officer. His contributions in the successful launch of three versions of the workforce planning and analytics software and his part in defining the company’s product and market strategy has prompted the decision of his promotion.

“As OrcaEyes continues to seek new channels and opportunities for growth, it has become imperative that we have a leader focused solely on our most profitable line of business,” said Dan Hilbert, CEO of OrcaEyes, Inc., in a statement. “Brad has been with OrcaEyes since the company’s inception and has proven his ability to lead the business repeatedly. It is with great satisfaction and confidence that we promote him to President of the Workforce Planning and Analytics Division. He would have been promoted a year ago if he were not my son. The Workforce Planning and Analytics Division now requires a dedicated president and he is by far the top candidate.”

OrcaEyes offers SonarVision workforce planning and analytics solution that allows organizations to scientifically and proactively measure the financial, productivity and social impacts of mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, downsizing and rightsizing from the macro or micro-levels. A single dashboard provides insight into the entire enterprise's talent impacts on profits, assets, risks and productivity.

Clients can identify key data that impacts human capital performance, connect the human capital with financial data to develop meaningful business cases, measure their workforce impact on business performance both historically and predictably, and manage their workforce guided by this meaningful financial and operational information. The solution enables businesses to continuously improve business performance—earnings, revenue, market share, productivity, efficiency and project delivery—all measurably connected to their human capital assets.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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