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NICE Mobile Reach to Help Telefonica's Movistar Increase Customer Satisfaction

February 20, 2013

When you look at anyone traveling on public transportation, waiting for their friends or even walking, it’s obvious that the number of smartphones and mobile devices is big and expected to grow. In case you need some facts to back that up, nearly a third of all American adults own a tablet or e-reader, there are one billion smartphone users in the world, global mobile traffic now represents 13 percent of Internet traffic and almost half of all American kids want an iPad for Christmas. People aren’t just using these devices for communication with friends and family but also for interacting with service providers. Enterprises are leveraging these mobile technologies to engage customers with self-service on-the-go, including through mobile apps.

For when self-service falls short, NICE Mobile Reach enables enterprises to create a winning customer experience via mobile devices that is comprehensive and continuous across channels. This “hybrid service” bridges their mobile self-service offering on smart devices with the contact centers in a seamless, automatic and personalized manner.

Movistar, Spain’s largest telecommunications operator and a brand of Telefonica (News - Alert) Spain, recently selected NICE Mobile Reach to bridge Movistar’s self-service mobile app and the contact center to engage customers based on their intent, profile and the context of the interaction. NICE Mobile Reach will allow Movistar to increase customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction and provide efficient and effective assisted service across channels.

“We believe that our outstanding customer service is a key differentiator in our market, and one way to strengthen our position is to make sure that our mobile application delivers a complete customer experience and resolution,” said Mario Soro, director of CRM Technology at Movistar, in a statement. “NICE Mobile Reach offers a unique, real-time connection between the self-service channel and the contact center, and will enable us to provide personalized and effective service to our mobile customers.”

NICE Mobile Reach enables Movistar customers to seamlessly transition from the mobile app to assisted service with an agent. When a customer selects this option, all information about the customer’s activities in the mobile application will be automatically transferred to the contact center and immediately displayed on the agent desktop. The Movistar agent will be able to use the interaction context to immediately start helping the customer in a highly personalized way. Multimedia collaboration options, such as image exchange, will further boost the quick and efficient resolution of the customer’s issue, improving first contact resolution rates and increasing customer satisfaction.

NICE Mobile Reach provides various business benefits for the customer experience, including a boost in customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduction in abandonment of important transactions in mobile apps, increase in mobile usage, reduced service costs, higher revenue and a competitive advantage.

The solution will reduce the operator’s service costs by lowering the average handle times (AHT) of assisted-service interactions and by reducing the volume of assisted interactions through increased first contact resolution (FCR). Enhancing the customer experience and creating an easy-to-use outlet that solves all customer needs will help Movistar promote its app.

“Movistar’s selection of NICE Mobile Reach affirms our vision for the evolution of customer service,” added Benny Einhorn, president of NICE EMEA and chief marketing officer. “More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to interact with service providers, and the service they receive over these devices should reflect the lifestyle and expectations of such customers. Movistar’s customers will enjoy quicker, more effective, and highly personalized service.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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