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NICE Systems in NYC: How to Prevent Fraudsters in Real-Time from Exploiting the Contact Center

March 25, 2013

As technology gets more sophisticated, so do cybercriminals and fraudsters. Hackers can gain access to accounts for even the largest corporations. The contact center is a constant target for fraud, as information for security questions are easily obtained and customer identities become compromised. Current fraud prevention technologies in the contact center are inadequate to keep up with new fraud trends.

NICE Systems (News - Alert) will host a local customer briefing on the essential tools necessary for organizations to keep fraudsters out of the contact center on April 4 in New York City, helping attendees identify fraud strategies that affect a range of industries and share best practices for preventing fraud and securing the contact center while reducing handling time and ensuring a positive customer experience.

“Fraud in the contact center is on the rise. As businesses are better protecting their online channel, fraudsters are actively targeting the weakest link in the chain – the human being,” said keynote presenter Shirley Inscoe, senior analyst at the Aite Group, in a statement. “Aite Group interviews with leading North American financial institutions found that 65 percent are either piloting advanced fraud prevention technology in the contact center today or plan to do so within the next one to two years."

In addition to Inscoe’s keynote presentation, the sessions during the half-day event include “Fraud targets the contact center,” “Empower your Fraud Analysts,” “Increase your operational efficiency with Real-Time Authentication” and a round table discussion.

Attendees will also learn more about NICE’s fraud prevention and real-time authentication solutions. Its Contact Center Fraud Prevention solution addresses the challenges of customer churn after fraud, financial losses and brand equity damage by strengthening fraud protection without increasing service hurdles and operational costs. It leverages automated voice biometrics technology to identify suspicious interactions as they happen and prioritize high-risk interactions for investigation before transactions are authorized.

Although it may only take a few seconds per call, customer authentication can comprise more than 25 percent of average handle time. When multiplied across millions of calls a year, this process constitutes significant operational cost for the contact center, and might also harm customer experience. NICE’s Real-Time Authentication significantly reduces average handle time and improves the customer experience by using voice biometrics to authenticate customers in real-time, allowing contact centers to voiceprint the vast majority of customers for seamless passive enrollment, securely authenticate customers with zero customer effort, help agents expedite time-to-service and significantly reduce fraud risk for all customers and deter fraudsters.

“Enterprises must equip themselves with the tools and best practices for preventing fraud-related losses,” said Barak Eilam (News - Alert), president of NICE Americas. “Our extensive experience in the contact center combined with NICE Actimize’s fraud management expertise puts us in a great position to help organizations prevent fraud without creating service hurdles or compromising customer experience.”

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli
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