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Telogis Appointment Assures Timely, Accurate Product Delivefry

May 01, 2014

We have all ordered a package and impatiently followed its progress from the business to the delivery truck and finally, the front door. When it comes to oil tankers and the shipment of resources, it is not that simple. Telogis (News - Alert), a cloud-based software platform that manages mobile resources, introduced Telogis Appointment this week. The latest addition to the Telogis Route Planning Suite, it was designed with customer service in mind. The new solution offers peace of mind in knowing that deliverables are shipped and received in a professional, efficient and timely manner.

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The design offers customers the ability to choose a convenient delivery window and receivers enjoy the most cost-effective way to deliver goods. All notifications are in real time, which is obviously important because it provides accurate ETAs and matches a customers’ open time to receive goods with the shipping company’s delivery time.

Newth Morris, Telogis co-founder and president said, “Businesses that embrace a customer-centric service model and implement mobile location intelligence technologies aimed at expediting, improving and personalizing the customer experience will ultimately grow market share and remain competitive.”  

Telogis takes into account delivery cost, proximity of existing vehicles, available resources, and resource capabilities of technicians or delivery specialists when offering the user its three delivery time options.  Both sides win because the customer chooses what is most convenient for them and leaves the delivery company with an efficient means of delivery. Telogis Appointment will also communicate with whatever CRM is in place to maintain profitable appointment options. 

Morris added, “By providing a higher level of service to their own customers, Telogis’ customers benefit from increased fuel savings, mobile worker productivity and products.”    

The Telogis Suite allows the user to receive information quickly and easily through custom alerts and reports. This provides the peace of mind in knowing that the driver and deliverables are safely treading the course. The GPS function offered provides the user with the ability to create reports based on drivers, specific vehicles, maintenance, fuel consumption and routes taken.  Reports and alerts can be delivered via text or email.

By putting customer needs first, Telogis is positioning itself to be a key player in cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software. It is choosing to take a fairly inefficient business and optimize its processes and practices with successful and pragmatic business in mind.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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