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Cable Onda Swaps Manual Processes for Automated, Real-Time Field Optimization

May 22, 2014

When it comes to the telecom biz, truck rolls are among the largest operational costs that companies face. It’s also a customer service bugbear—nothing will turn off a customer faster than not showing up on time or in a timely manner, or requiring day-long windows for service. Looking to cut both of the issues off at the knees, Panama’s Cable Onda has implemented a cloud-based mobile workforce management solution from TOA Technologies (News - Alert) to add sleekness to its field force operations.

Faced with a system rife with manual processes, Cable Onda chose to implement a routing optimization engine powered by learned performance patterns and predictive analytics, to dynamically plan, schedule and manage the day’s appointments. TOA's ETAdirect platform measures and acts on real-time information – location, employee availability, skill set, inventory, service windows – to recommend the most optimal routes possible, treating every worker and appointment as unique. With a real-time view of what's going on in the field, Cable Onda can manage work proactively to meet demand and the changing conditions.

With 14 branches across Panama, Cable Onda has grown to be the largest provider of broadband, digital phone and high-definition TV services in the country. Using ETAdirect, the company plans to overhaul how it manages all components of its mobile workforce, including capacity, routing, mobility and customer communications.

"When we first started this initiative, our field management processes were all manual,” explained Sonia de Rodriguez, customer service director for Cable Onda. “This was holding back our growth potential – and our ability to provide timely service for our customers.”

She added, "We recognized that in order to meet our growth plans, we had to improve areas like our response time to customer requests, which is a metric that impacts both customer experience and the number of calls we receive in the call center. TOA Technologies was the clear field service management partner for us, because its ETAdirect solution addresses both of our needs effectively – to maximize operational efficiencies while also creating more transparent relationships with our customers."

In its goals for the project, Cable Onda is targeting an increase in responsiveness to new appointments and on-time arrivals, as well as a reduction in the service window times and incoming follow-up calls. The ETAdirect solution will be integrated with the company's billing system, ComArch Tytan.

"Cable Onda saw an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by turbocharging its field workforce,” said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies. "Central and Latin American companies continue to experience dramatic growth, putting a renewed focus on both reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.”

He added, “As TOA is expanding throughout Latin America, we're finding that companies are demanding more than just good results in these areas – they need the most up-to-date technology and the most proven partners to truly make an impact."

He said that the ETADirect platform has improved average daily job completion rates among its customers by 40 percent, improved on-time performance by 30 percent, decreased miles driven by 40 percent and reduced overtime costs by 75 percent.

"With the advantage of a mobile workforce management solution built on an advanced, reliable cloud-based infrastructure, companies like Cable Onda can confidently manage their mobile workforces knowing that each job is matched to the right employee and scheduled at the right time, maximizing capacity and keeping the commitments made to customers,” said Brisker. “Now, as companies in Central and Latin America are more than ready to adopt SaaS (News - Alert) solutions, we're ready to meet the demand of service providers in the region with the only natively cloud-based mobile workforce management solution on the market scaled for enterprises.”

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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