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NICE Introduces NICE Engage Platform

July 30, 2014

Nice Systems has unveiled NICE Engage Platform, a platform that enables customer centric companies to analyze customer related data in real time, thereby gaining an edge over their competitors in terms response to customers queries and issues. This platform also has the ability to transform traditional contact centers into real time analysis centers.

The NICE Engage Platform works by making interaction data available for every application at the same time. The company has stated that it has been able to achieve 10-fold reduction in latency. Also, the recording capacity has been increased by 10 times more than the competing systems, the company claims.

This platform enables the contact center to take necessary action based on the customer sentiment. The power of real time analytics ensures that no time is lost and as a result, customer satisfaction goes up by several notches. It also sends critical alerts to managers to help them intervene at appropriate times, which in turn helps them to resolve issues during interactions.

“The NICE Engage Platform is the result of collaboration with our customers who are challenged to meet the demands of their 'now customer,' while reducing related costs," said Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group. "This new platform is a sign of our commitment to lead the market's adoption of real time applications and capabilities that bring significant business value.”

NICE has been delivering nice products for contact centers for some time now. In 2013, the company unveiled an offering that provided almost all the important functionalities of a contact center on the cloud. Also, it predicted that more than 18 percent of contact center seats will be delivered by cloud-based contact center infrastructure providers.

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