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Is Your Workforce Optimization 'NICE'?

August 11, 2014

Customer engagement can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some companies, it means you’re willing to get a customer on the phone and listen to what they have to say – riveting. For others, it means offering multiple integrated channels with a seamless experience and inviting customers to engage. The latter not only helps with customer satisfaction, it can also help you streamline workforce optimization.

In fact, workforce optimization solution provider NICE developed an engagement platform that enables clients to better connect with their customers and create a whole new way to give them an opportunity to share their voice. The company recently put together a top 10 list of reasons why companies like yours should choose their platform. This list can actually also help you organize your approach to customer engagement.

For instance, the multichannel environment mentioned earlier is supported with a multichannel recording server. This allows you to capture all interactions, regardless of the engagement channel used. The server supports up to 5,000 recording channels and will capture voice, streaming, screen and video, archiving the recordings as necessary. All recording has high dependability, so that no interactions are lost.

The platform also supports real-time streaming, meaning there is no delay in communications that are supported completely in real-time. As a result, all applications and processes are ready when you need them, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer. With one-click to insight, interaction analytics are readily available so you can better assess your processes and make adjustments where necessary.

To support workforce optimization, the platform offers real-time, speech-triggered agent guidance, as well as real-time alerts and visibility for mobile managers. This helps you stay current with the latest technologies customers expect, without slowing the process by adding unnecessary complexity. This helps keep your agents on task and the call moving forward in the process so as to achieve the desired outcome.

Finally, the platform also helps you protect the client and your system. It enables customer authentication in as little as 15 seconds and provides the technology necessary to identify fraudsters during the call. As live interactions are increasingly a target for fraudulent activity, putting the right safeguards in place is crucial for shoring up customer trust and protecting the value of your brand in all interactions.

To best ensure workforce optimization, you need to quickly respond to customers, building satisfaction and loyalty. If you can do so with the right tools in place, your job just became easier. Why not try it with NICE?

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