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Calabrio Releases Cloud-based ONE Workforce Optimization Suite

October 12, 2016

Dedicated readers here at TMC (News - Alert) should be familiar with the ins and outs of workforce optimization (WFO). The likes of on-premise and cloud-based personnel scheduling software that permeates this broad topic shows that there is much enterprise interest in WFO applications and a solid set of reasons for keeping such software alive and well.

The most prominent reason businesses may choose to use WFO, TMC pointed out in the change of seasons this year, is its ability to transfer the actions of core company personnel into positive customer experiences. That’s right, the actual scheduling is secondary to the positive effects it can create, and software development companies such as Calabrio (News - Alert), with its new cloud-based ONE suite, is aware of that end goal.

Calabrio and all its enterprise clients want to make their customers happy. Calabrio may be working for the immediate needs of its clients – small and large companies alike – but it also extends its efforts to the end users who make daily use of the products those business clients extend to the world’s citizens. ONE arrives as a WFO tool and much more, including in its suite the capability to record calls, capture and analyze customer engagement with call center agents, and measure the quality of service agents provide as a whole. It makes itself accessible through the cloud, on a client’s premise, or in a hybrid model that enjoys the security of on-premise software and the flexibility of cloud-based design.

ONE’s full cloud implementation runs on the Amazon cloud and uses that host’s Elastic Cloud Compute services to ensure the security of all Calabrio client data and the uptime of all its tools. Clients have full control of their company data and can control their storage and data access policies with Amazon S-3 storage. Clients can also take heart that their data will be isolated from other clients who happen to work on the same Amazon servers; built-in multitenancy keeps clients invisible to their neighbors.

The setup of any ONE installation is available, like many other cloud services, in tiers that price clients according to their use of the system. ONE can react to sudden jumps in a client’s demand and scale immediately according to its needs. Otherwise, clients can feel secure in their purchase of licenses that accommodate month-to-month usage needs.

Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson (News - Alert) commented that his company is dedicated to helping clients move their operations to the cloud. For any business that has yet to experience WFO in the cloud, they can get started now and begin scheduling – and recording calls and analyzing company data – in much less time than they might expect, given the common weeks-long installation times of comparable on-premise services.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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