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Adaptive WFO Automates and Improves Contact Center Performance

January 02, 2017

Today’s contact centers are often plagued by high agent turnover, steadily increasing costs and growing customer dissatisfaction, creating challenges for managing contact centers and agents alike. The solution to these issues to date has been a “one size fits all” approach to managing agents on a broad basis, and that simply does not work in today’s geographically dispersed, omni-channel contact center climates.

According to NICE Systems (News - Alert), a company that specializes in workforce optimization (WFO), agent engagement and customer satisfaction, a new approach is required to handle the challenges of today’s contact centers. Adaptive WFO offers a personalized agent experience within the broader contact center context and processes, improving agent engagement and performance and ultimately offering better customer service and higher levels of satisfaction.

The process of adaptive WFO works by aggregating a broad range of multi-channel data on agents. This includes performance indicators, quality scores, compliance rates, customer feedback, voice metrics, desktop data and general preferences. Advanced analytics are applied to the data, creating an agent Persona MAP, giving contact centers insight into an agent’s Metrics, Attributes and Preferences. Valuable information may include the agent’s personal goals, their methods of articulation, their listening skills, their attendance rates and how knowledgeable they are in general.

The Persona MAP is unique for each agent evaluated, and is used to automatically generate performance guidelines for specific roles as well as offer personalized recommendations for both agents and managers. The entire adaptive WFO process is automatic, and becomes smarter over time as more and more data is collected and analyzed.

The result is that agents are empowered, happier and more engaged, while managers have more insight while saving time and making more practical suggestions and recommendations to agents. And of course customers are happier in the long run as they interact with more engaged and more knowledgeable agents.

Workforce management and optimization don’t have to be a massive challenge in today’s complex, omni-channel contact centers. By automating the process through adaptive WFO, contact centers can save time, increase productivity and boost agent performance and engagement, all while better serving their customers.

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