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Workforce Optimization Makes Mt. Olympus Tops

January 04, 2017

While the idea of going to a water park right now may seem like either abject stupidity or heaven on Earth—depending on whether you're talking about an outdoor or an indoor water park—parks everywhere are getting ready for next summer, or just doing brisk business right now. Recently, Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, a resort that features a major water park operation, took home an award from Retail TouchPoints thanks in large part to its workforce optimization strategies.

More specifically, Mt. Olympus took home the Gold Store Operations Superstar award for workforce management. This advance in workforce optimization was largely credited to the regular use of Dayforce HCM from Ceridian, a move which allowed Mt. Olympus to offer an excellent employee experience, keeping turnover down and addressing payroll costs. With Dayforce HCM, employees get access to useful functions like seeing pay stubs and operating schedules on smartphones, providing valuable information to the employees and improving engagement.

Retail TouchPoints' editor in chief Debbie Hauss commented “Store operation strategies can make or break a retail-based company. In an exceedingly connected marketplace, organizations must balance immediate on-the-ground needs with multi-channel expectations. We are honored to recognize Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park as one of these high-achieving, multi-faceted companies.”

Maintaining a high-quality employee experience isn't exactly tops on a lot of companies' lists out there, mainly because employees keep wanting things like health care and time off and healthy and life-affirming raises and to not be motivated with pointy sticks. Yet it's a smart idea to keep employees motivated, and not with sticks; motivated and engaged employees tend to do better, keep better focus on work, and don't spend a lot of time looking for new jobs in the middle of the day. Turnover costs can be huge too, especially when it comes time to find new employees that have to be onboarded and trained – Filling out all that new-hire paperwork takes time too, time that could be spent more profitably elsewhere. That means there are direct costs and indirect costs to consider. A good employee experience can take many of those costs out of the picture altogether.

It's not always as simple as using the right software, but sometimes, workforce optimization tools can make a big difference. Just ask Mt. Olympus, who took home an award thanks to its own efforts on that front. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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