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NICE Workforce Optimization Puts it in Magic Quadrant

February 10, 2017

Recent word from the Gartner (News - Alert) Magic Quadrant report is emerging and delivering exciting new standings for various companies out there, and the workforce optimization titan NICE is taking home a win of its own. It was named a Leader in the study related to workforce engagement management, and should be able to make a real market push as a result.

The workforce optimization specialists took home the Leader rank by scoring high on the two fields Gartner uses to determine rank in the Magic Quadrant: completeness of vision and ability to execute the vision. Scoring high in vision but low in ability makes a firm a Visionary, while high ability and low completeness of vision makes a firm a Challenger. Low ranks on both measures, meanwhile, make for a Niche Player.

Workforce Engagement Management, meanwhile, is considered an offshoot of workforce optimization, sometimes called “Adaptive WFO” for its closer focus on employee engagement. While workforce optimization delivers value in examining interactions and maximizing efficiency, Workforce Engagement Management is more commonly used as a means to deliver greater employee engagement, a point shown routinely to yield better results in most everything touched by a workforce from revenue to customer experience.

NICE's biggest push on this front comes from its inContact Customer Interaction Cloud, a system that puts a lot of attention on the employee. Offering help for everything from coaching current employees to getting new employees appropriately acclimated, the inContact system delivers plenty of value.

Taking a ranking slot in the Gartner Magic Quadrant study—no matter just what that rank may be—is generally a winning move for a company. Not every company ranks on this study in the first place, and those who do can point to completeness of vision and ability to execute that's commonly beyond many other firms in a market. That only goes so far in terms of encouraging another firm to make a purchase, but it can be one extra brick in the wall of approval, so to speak.  With competition breaking out all over, having a rank in a study like this might be that little extra push that makes a company interested in buying one product over another, and makes such awards worth the push to find.

Working in a competitive market can be a challenge, and workforce optimization is a competitive market. Moves like NICE's to take home new awards can thus be helpful, and with a Gartner rank under its belt, this could be the start of a great step forward for NICE.

Edited by Alicia Young
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