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Concentrix Concentrating on Workforce Optimization with WorkFlex Deployment

February 24, 2017

Contact center agents don’t always garner the attention they deserve. Holding the front lines of customer service, an organization’s bottom line depends on this team firing on all cylinders at every turn. It is for this reason that workforce optimization tools are critical to contact center success. This week, business services company Concentrix Corporation announced an expanded deployment of the WorkFlex solution it has in place.

WorkFlex offers contact center agents empowerment. Its rich tool set, developed from WorkFlex’s patented Intelligent Intraday Automation technology, brings added flexibility, effectiveness and improved work-life balance for team members.

“Expanding the deployment of WorkFlex is consistent with our commitment to delivering superior service to our clients,” said Chris Caldwell, President, Concentrix. “Automation of key intraday staffing and performance management processes enables our workforce administrators and supervisors to more rapidly and effectively respond to our clients’ needs by proactively identifying and implementing staffing optimization actions in real-time.”

Utilizing the WorkFlex Manager Suite, monitoring, optimal solution identification, real-time analysis as well as performance management and intraday staffing are all automated. In the WorkFlex Agent Suite, Agents select preferred working hours and activities, and via the same mobile app can swap shifts with colleagues and confirm any scheduling changes or requests.

“The WorkFlex Intelligent Mobile App has fundamentally transformed the agent experience by enabling them to manage their work-life balance,” added Sanjeev Angadi, Senior Director of Workforce Optimization Worldwide at Concentrix. “Our agents can easily make changes to their schedules even if they are not at work and every change they make helps optimize net staffing. This has effectively transformed our agents into active workforce management partners, enabling us to optimize staffing levels far beyond what can be achieved by company-initiated staffing processes alone.”

Workforce optimization is a critical cog in the overall success of customer service operations. And, with innovation where it is, analytics and real-time analysis do the heavy lifting so agents can focus on the task at hand – best serving customers.

Is your workforce optimized?

Edited by Alicia Young
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