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Workforce Optimization at Heart of Silver Lining Acquisition

March 01, 2017

It’s only in the last few years that buzzwords like omnichannel, customer experience or customer journey have made it to mainstream conversation. Customer service is cutthroat, much like the first time you meet your girlfriend’s father, undoing a negative first impression is near impossible. It is for this reason that workforce optimization is growing in adoption and practice. From chat bots and call routing, to staffing, training and gamification, there are many branches to this tree as it continues to grow.

For those that provide workforce optimization solutions, it is mission critical to provide a complete offering – especially in the contact center setting. Genesys (News - Alert) (News - Alert), one of the more prominent providers of omnichannel contact center solutions, announced the acquisition of long time partner Silver Lining Solutions to ensure an exceptionally well rounded solution.

“Silver Lining Solutions has been a valued Genesys OEM partner since 2009,” said Paul Segre (News - Alert) (News - Alert), chief executive officer of Genesys. “Employee engagement is key to customer experience. This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to innovation and leadership in this rapidly evolving market. Assessing and evaluating employee behaviors, skills, and capabilities is critical for managing and understanding overall workforce performance and customer satisfaction – and ultimately, in improving a company's bottom line.”

A critical component of workforce optimization is employee engagement. In purchasing Silver Lining, Genesys instantly improves engagement, which is impetus for the trickle-down effect of happy customers, a boost in sales, productivity and overall business results.

“This announcement underlines our strategy for augmenting organic growth with acquisitions that give us complementary best-of-breed technologies,” Segre said. “This strategy not only gives our customers a competitive advantage, but is integral to our mission of powering the best customer experiences on the planet.”

There is natural synergy in this acquisition. The two parties built a relationship of collaboration over nearly 10 years, which will likely culminate in an optimized offering and overall positive results. Keeping a customer service crew on the same page, firing on all cylinders is far easier said than done, but this is the kind of solution capable of creating swiss watch-like precision.

Is your workforce optimized?

Edited by Alicia Young
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