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Verint, Tango WFO Solutions Improve Mobile Workforce

March 07, 2017

I think we can all agree that the move to a more mobile workforce is a good thing. Employees have more flexibility than ever before now that they can work remotely, from anywhere and on any device. This not only increases overall happiness, but productivity as well, since people who are able to work at their convenience tend to get more done. There are a lot of positives coming out of the mobile workforce, but a few negatives as well. Luckily, companies like Verint Systems Inc. and Tango Networks (News - Alert) exist to provide workforce optimization (WFO) solutions that address these problems so that the mobile workforce can continue to grow.

Verint and Tango announced recently that they’re partnering so that organizations can use their WFO solutions together. By combining the two WFO solutions, companies should be able to address the gap that currently exists when it comes to managing business communications that occur on mobile devices. With countless employees across various industries using their personal mobile phones to conduct business on a daily basis, there’s a risk of call and customer service quality declining. Not to mention the potential security risks that go along with using a personal phone for company business.

This situation is basically inevitable, though. As more employees become mobile, it becomes harder to manage customer communications. However, now that the two companies have joined forces, Tango can connect employees’ mobile devices—which are used in customer interactions and serve as an extension to the company’s PBX or unified communications platform—and help connect the Verint (News - Alert) Customer Engagement Optimization solutions to the rising mobile workforce. This will ultimately help deliver the mobile phone capabilities organizations need without compromising quality or compliance.

“The combination of Tango Networks’ innovative mobile technology with Verint’s position as a global leader in customer and employee engagement, workforce optimization, and compliance solutions can help corporations simply and securely mobilize their business communications,” says Andrew Silver, CTO and co-founder, Tango Networks. “Now, organizations can feel confident about extending their mobile capabilities to employees without compromising quality and compliance."

“The integration with Tango Networks helps proactively address the needs of the changing workforce by extending the benefits of customer and employee engagement and workforce optimization to mobile devices,” adds Nancy Treaster, SVP and general manager, strategic operations, Verint. “Doing so, helps hold customer interactions over mobile communication channels to quality and compliance standards, and supports organizations in adhering to regulatory requirements that drive the need for voice and text interaction recording.”

Hopefully combining these two WFO solutions will help the mobile workforce achieve even higher quality standards.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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