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HSN Gets NICE Boost

March 13, 2017

If ever there was a business requiring workforce optimization and exceptional contact center performance, Home Shopping Network (HSN) is it. Since its inception in 1981, HSN has served shopping from the couch well, and recently it improved its already exceptional operations with the addition of something NICE.

In specific, HSN recently deployed the NICE Performance Management with Gamification, and it is living up to its billing, and then some. HSN requires 1,700 agents to serve its audience of more than 90 million shoppers; with the NICE solution in place, agents are easily onboarded, and from the beginning of employment engagement is front of mind. Targets are set, maybe starting with an agent’s first upsell, and growing in difficulty over time.

Julia Schmitz, Manager of Customer Care Operations, HSN, exclaimed, “We are very committed to employee engagement and gamification, through NICE Performance Management, which fits perfectly into the ideas we want to reinforce with our agents. Gamification has made it easier for us to communicate our company values and engage with all of our agents, even those who are sitting at home in their pajamas.”

NICE Performance Management tracks agent performance and behavior, so not only achievements are tracked as a result of the gamification module, but each agent is given a score based on performance in achieving team and organization-based goals. Each agent is shown in detail where and how they can improve.

Yaron Hertz, President, NICE Americas noted, “NICE Performance Management gives HSN the tools it needs to reinforce a coaching culture dedicated to helping agents improve rapidly, and adapt quickly to changing requirements. Real-time performance insights and constant feedback have successfully engaged HSN’s far-flung agent workforce with common, transparent gamification-backed goals.”

HSN has evolved into a multichannel retailer, and with the proliferation of business adds strain and challenges to providing exceptional customer service. HSN is hitting the mark by taking its thousands of agents and having them work in a cohesive way. Workforce optimization tools offer a means to connect a disparate team and provide customers with the level of service expected.

Are your contact center operations NICE?

Edited by Alicia Young
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