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Workforce Optimization Improves with iOFFICE

March 27, 2017

Engaging in workforce optimization techniques is a major priority for just about any business with a workforce these days. No one much cares for the thought of leaving productivity on the table, especially since productivity so often represents money. Recently, iOFFICE took a big step forward in creating new office productivity with the Space Desktop system, a tool that allows for better streamlining of an increasingly digital office.

With Space Desktop, companies wishing to engage in workforce optimization strategies gets access to some of the information necessary to do that properly, presented in a complete Google (News - Alert) Maps-style map view, showing relevant information across a number of properties. By compiling all that information into one centrally-accessible point, it removes the need to go searching through large numbers of files, whether as paper documents or as electronic files, to find that information.

Meanwhile, iOFFICE proper isn't stopping there; it's already working on building out its stock of information-related products by including data from sensors, from artificial intelligence (AI) systems and more. Though there's no word if Space Desktop will expand likewise to incorporate such information, or will instead be replaced by the system that can handle that sort of thing directly, it's clear that iOFFICE doesn't just have today's interests at heart.

Elizabeth Dukes, who serves as iOFFICE's chief marketing officer and co-founder, noted “iOFFICE is extending the usefulness of maps beyond management of the built environment to support employee experience. This new, more user-friendly view of space is a key component to supporting the consumerization of the evolving Digital Workplace.”

While certainly, Dukes' concept will help streamline the information gathering process and thus make it easier to work with, this may not be the magic bullet solution for workforce optimization some might hope it is. It's good to see that iOFFICE is sufficiently forward-thinking to incorporate these tools in place, but there needs to be some concern exercised here. An old Dilbert strip featured the Pointy-Haired Boss dispatching Dilbert to put up security cameras in the employee break room, to which Dilbert pointed out that “if we treat employees like criminals, they'll leave.” Our rush to gather information for use in workforce optimization and other tools must be balanced against our need to keep good employees.

While iOFFICE does a great job of compiling information, we must be judicious in our gathering of that information lest we alienate good employees and lose all ability to keep people. Information is necessary to get an optimized workforce, but so too is the best in people. 

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