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Workato and RingCentral Partner to Deliver Customer Data

April 11, 2017

One of the greatest benefits of digital technology is that it creates data from the interactions employees are having with each other as well as their customers, partners, vendors and other parties. Service providers are now using this data to streamline and unify the user experience in the workplace and also extend this efficiency to customer interactions by transforming sales and support operations through communications integration into business workflows. The new partnership between Workato and RingCentral (News - Alert) is going to provide collaborative communication features for business applications by using customer data across apps to automate business processes and improve productivity.

Workato develops solutions to automate the workflows of organizations by seamlessly integrating thousands of applications, including marketing, sales, customer support, DevOps and ITOps stacks for businesses across all industries, ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. In this partnership, the company will be integrating RingCentral's enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions so organizations can improve their business workflows with full or 360-degree access to customer data across apps, making it the first partnership to do so, according to Workato.

“With this partnership, sales and customer support teams will see significant efficiencies through automatic logging of calls and other activities, into CRM and customer support applications. This further enhances every customer interaction by bringing context from other applications into RingCentral,” said Markus Zirn, VP, business development at Workato.

When the solution is deployed, calls that come through ring central from CRM platforms will give employees all relevant information about the caller from the information Workato pulls from applications like Zendesk, JIRA, ServiceNow (News - Alert), Intacct and others. The call and interaction history of the customer can be accessed across channels from a single location. Whether it is sales or customer support, the agent will have a full view with context about the caller to deliver a better experience.

When calls are finalized, Workato logs the call with details about the caller, time, duration and more into the appropriate account automatically. If they don't have an account, Workato will create one and send feedback questionnaires using SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics if this is part of the company's policy.

“The line between communications and collaboration is blurring at an exponential pace. Workato's solutions are another proof point of the value derived when you use open APIs to break down the barriers of data across business applications by embedding messaging, collaboration and task automation into business workflows,” said David Lee (News - Alert), vice president of platform at RingCentral.

The new platform also collects customer data when a call is missed by sending SMS (only in the U.S.) to the call recipient with the time and caller contact information. For international calls, the Workato and RingCentral solution sends an email for the notification.

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