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New NICE Release Enables Digital Transformation

May 10, 2017

Digital transformation means a lot of things; from the data center and c-suite, to the contact center and conference room, change is at hand. However, it’s not just those on the inside reaping the rewards of this revolution. The customer experience is receiving a makeover as well, and leading this charge is workforce optimization firm NICE.

This week, NICE announced the arrival of its Digital Containment solution, more than capable of empowering customer journey initiatives. Leveraging analytics and an advanced algorithm, the new release promises to transform customer service and cut cost along the way.

Recent research indicates that 60 percent of customers choose to forego self-service options in favor of speaking with an agent. According to the NICE Customer Survey 2016, this trend bumps the cost of customer interactions by a factor of 12. NICE zeroed in on this issue with the new release, aiming at offering seamless customer experience with tangible results.

Developed on the NICE Customer Experience Analytics platform, the new solutions offers a single view of a customer in a multi-channel environment. Putting analytics to work to analyze each digital interaction to identity common pitfalls, opportunities and scenarios, Digital Containment can provide actionable insight for future success.

Early adopters note the following: a decrease in handle times to the tune of over 40 percent and agent involvement per interaction dipped 30 percent. Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction Scores saw a significant boost, with reduced churn rates. And, one company notes an estimated ROI of more than $5 million in savings as a direct result of containment optimization.

Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, noted, “The global market for self-service digital technologies is growing rapidly. In this environment, NICE’s Digital Containment solution helps ensure contact centers can provide their customers the rapid, independent issue resolution they demand. By optimizing the use of digital channels, brands can maintain a competitive edge while deriving the greatest value possible from their digital investments, keeping their operating expenses low, and reinventing customer service with the insights generated from every engagement.”

All touch points of an organization are evolving as a result of the digital transformation at hand, and those ahead of the curve are making this a top priority. NICE knows, you should too!

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