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Sutherland Optimizes Workforce with Omnichannel Solution from Genesys

May 19, 2017

We live in an omnichannel world meant to make communications easier for customers. This is great for consumers, as they can contact agents and support from any channel they choose. However, the new omnichannel approach isn’t always ideal for the people on the receiving end, especially if they work for a large contact center.

Oftentimes, companies will attempt to become omnichannel by incorporating new systems in with the old. Businesses that choose this route do so in an attempt to save money, without thinking about how difficult all those systems will be to manage for agents. Imagine for a moment that you’re an agent attempting to work in this kind of setting, where you have to switch from system to system to record data and talk with customers. It’s definitely not the best way to optimize a workforce.

That’s why Sutherland, a process transformation company, has deployed PureEngage, an omnichannel customer engagement and employee collaboration solution from Genesys (News - Alert), in the spirit of workforce optimization. Sutherland is one of the largest, independent process transformation companies in the world, supporting customers across multiple industries, including communications, financial services, government, healthcare, retail, technology, and transportation.

Needless to say, Sutherland’s support center receives tons of contacts every single day. Before deploying PureEngage, Sutherland was using more than eight disparate platforms that were not well-integrated and required extensive manual efforts to eliminate redundancy and ensure accurate reporting and performance. All that extra effort wasn’t much fun for agents, and largely impacted their overall efficiency.

Today, Sutherland uses PureEngage to provide improved CRM integrations, enhanced IVR and workforce optimization capabilities, and omnichannel self-service, beginning with 2,000 agents in a new delivery center in Las Vegas.

Bill Nicholas, Sutherland’s head of Global Telecom, commented on the need for a new system by saying, “Our clients are increasingly requesting support through multiple channels such as email, chat, social, and SMS in addition to traditional voice-based communications.” He’s noticed positive changes in operations since deploying PureEngage, saying, “By deploying PureEngage, we’ve not only increased our omnichannel capability but have improved operational efficiencies and enhanced the visibility and measurement of performance data.”

Nicholas is enthusiastic about the deployment, as are Sutherland’s customers: “Clients are already asking how soon they can transition to it…We could move as many as 10,000 agents annually to Genesys, and we look forward to implementing speech analytics and enabling additional interaction channels,” he said.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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