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Global Retailer Adds NICE Touch to Operations

June 05, 2017

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! In fact, they are here. Robotic process automation is revolutionizing workforce optimization. People aren’t perfect. Neither are Robots, but when it comes to eliminating errors, improving the customer experience and cutting down on time it takes to accomplish tasks, they are exceptional.

A leading global retailer learned this lesson well, announcing today that, as a result of deploying the NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to manage its delivery and order processes, it completely eliminated errors from data entry, improved service for global operations and reduced order processing time.

The NICE RPA automates some 60 processes between the back and front office. From the time it took over the delivery process, it has saved the retailer over 5,000 hours of human work time annually. The offering is also capable of supporting agents in the contact center by automating mundane tasks and providing real time on-screen data, and aids in expediting orders in the event of a delivery error, for instance.

The customer experience is improved dramatically, especially in terms of online shopping. The customer service component of the business is now completely streamlined. NICE and the furniture retailer continue to build on this relationship. From the time of deployment, NICE offered training and created a 20 person team to ensure the firm continues its successful use of the RPA.

John O’Hara, president, NICE EMEA exclaimed, “We are proud to be a partner in this global project, which has helped the retailer provide a faster, more accurate automated order and delivery system with the goal of dramatically improving the customer experience. NICE worked closely with the client to deliver a tailored solution that was localized to accommodate specific processes and various languages in multiple regions. The retailer has already seen a significant return on investment with NICE Robotic Process Automation, and we will continue to support their needs as we work together to reinvent customer service in the retail space.”

The unnamed retailer has 135,000 employees, with nearly 800 million customers visiting the website annually; it was mission critical to have a workforce optimization solution in place capable of supporting operations. Workforce optimization is not an option. If it means fewer mistakes, improved productivity and happy customers, it should fall into the no-brainer category.

But maybe that’s just me… 

Edited by Alicia Young
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