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NICE Names ConvergeOne Partner of the Year

June 08, 2017

Awards are a great way of shining a spotlight on those companies that are doing exceptionally well within any given industry. Unlike in sports, there are no participation trophies here—awards are only given to companies that show they’ve earned them through hard work and innovation. So, when a company wins the same award for three consecutive years, it’s a pretty clear indicator that the company is doing something right.

The company in question is ConvergeOne, a global IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions for large and medium enterprises. At the NICE Interactions (News - Alert) 2017 customer conference in Las Vegas, ConvergeOne was named Partner of the Year by NICE for the third year in a row. Given that NICE is a major player in the space, receiving this award multiple times is quite an honor.

If you take a closer look at what ConvergeOne does, it’s plain to see why the company is deserving of the title “Partner of the Year.” The company is a provider of collaboration solutions and offers its clients a comprehensive engagement model, which includes the full lifecycle of services from consultation and design through implementation, optimization, and ongoing support. The company is clearly not the type to leave a client hanging once a purchase is made.

ConvergeOne also offers multi-vendor solutions across a number of delivery models, including on-premise and in private, hybrid, C1 Cloud, and public cloud environments. Its also worked to develop strong relationships with other players within the industry, meaning that it can easily provide tailored solutions to clients. For instance, NICE is a ConvergeOne Elite Partner and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to contact center solutions, customer experience analytics and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions. 

ConvergeOne knows how to ally itself with powerful companies, and in doing so has provided the best options for its clients. As Mark Langanki, Chief Technology Officer, ConvergeOne, points out, the two companies have a lot to offer each other: “ConvergeOne is thrilled to once again be recognized by NICE for our team's hard work and dedication to growing this partnership in support of our joint customers…NICE's recent acquisitions that bring additional market size scale and cloud enabled WFO solutions to market opens up new opportunities for us to meet customer needs in both the enterprise and mid-size business spaces.”

With its latest award, it looks like ConvergeOne and NICE are set to continue their strategic relationship.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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