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Verint's New Workforce Optimization Tool Pursues the Middle

June 13, 2017

It's tough to be the middle anything. The middle child, a middle manager, in the middle of a long name it, the middle is generally the place most likely overlooked. That's a point that Verint (News - Alert)'s about to capitalize on with the announcement of its new packaged workforce optimization tools geared toward the mid-sized contact center.

The new solutions are now available, and being brought out via Verint's channel partner network, a wide-reaching affair that covers no shortage of ground. Released either via the cloud or as part of on-premises operations, the Verint Workforce Optimization tools include a variety of powerful new pieces geared toward delivering value and getting the most out of a workforce.

Included in the package is, naturally, a complete workforce optimization system that's been fully unified for added value, along with a single user interface as well as a set of business process workflows  that are ready to go right away. Plus, the new workforce optimization tools are designed to work smoothly with a slate of other Verint tools ranging from speech analytics to analytics-driven quality systems, resulting in a complete package that can get the most out of each part's various functions.

There are other packages involved as well beyond workforce optimization, including the Verint Quality Management and Workforce Management systems. With Quality Management, users can better take advantage of the potential actionable insights hidden in an operation. Workforce Management, meanwhile, focuses on simpler portions of the workforce, particularly scheduling and forecasting, to help provide value without depending on “thick-client” solutions.

Verint's strategic operations general manager and senior vice president Nancy Treaster noted “Verint continues to advance its commitment to organizations with contact centers of all sizes, and is uniquely positioned for the growth opportunity in the mid-market through our extensive partner network and cloud-based, ACD-neutral packaged solutions. Strong reseller relationships are an integral part of our strategy for growth, and we recognize that our partnerships are a critical path to key end users in both geographic and vertical markets.”

Getting the most out of a workforce is a major point for just about any operation any more, and so putting workforce optimization tools to work is a great way to achieve just that. With several different options available, Verint will go a long way toward making the necessary connections and helping businesses achieve desirable outcomes. While workforce optimization tools alone won't be enough to achieve corporate goals, such tools will certainly be a help, and in the end, Verint has the variety and the background to deliver here. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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