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TotalView Central Management Tool Optimizes the Call Center Workforce

October 02, 2009

In the recent weeks, TMCnet has discussed various video surveillance contracts secured by NICE Systems (News - Alert) for casinos in Oklahoma and for small- and mid-sized deployments.  

And, while the recent contract success exemplifies the company’s video surveillance market success, NICE Systems’ company, IEX Corp.’s management systems is an integral part of the telecom industry, especially within the customer relationship management, or “CRM,” demographic. 

IEX’s (News - Alert) workforce management system, TotalView Workforce Management, gives companies an all-in-one platform for workforce optimization in a call center. 

With this system, companies can forecast and plan contact centers operations and schedule more efficiently, with the supply of real-time information to manage the work performance of the sales agents, the company’s operations and the ultimate results. 

The systems two different versions – TotalView Central and TotalView Advanced Features – allows a company to select the appropriate styles of the software, to maximize the value a company invested to get the desired results. 

IEX’s TotalView provides forecasting, planning, scheduling an daily management. 

With the systems “Forecaster” patent self-adjusting algorithms, users can generate accurate forecasts which can be adjusted for unusual events or key business drivers, an essential tool in what tends to be a fast-paced, every changing work environment.

Additionally, the systems “Planner” and “Scheduler” functionalities allows a company to be ready for a “what-if” analysis situation and schedule generation for agents based on the rules and preference offers specific for each company. 

The company’s “Change Manager” feature goes along with the “Forecaster” in that in caters to the unpredictability of how a normal work day can tend to operate. The system will present update information throughout the day, allowing a user to make timely, informed decisions in real time, without the added stress of having a standard system that needs to be constantly updated. 

As more and more companies expand their off-site, remote and multiple office locations, IEX’s “Multisite” application offers a single, cohesive view of the entire company as well as the ability to plan, forecast, schedule and manage changes across any given location, even outsourced operations. And, as work from home employees are on the rise, it’s an essential tool if a manager needs to update a schedule or internal system from the comforts of his or her home. 

Sales agents need to stay on top of their game, as well as keeping up with customer requests to offer the best service and drive the highest level of satisfaction. In doing so, TotalView Central’s “Report Manager” provides reports and analysis for agents, supervisors and planning personal to examine and digest the demographics, services and operations expected of them in order to have every customer pleased, cooperative and satisfied when being contacted by a specific company.

Lastly, IEX’s “Administrator” tool ensures that audit and control processes are in place through advanced security and “permission to protect” system integrity. 

With TotalView Central, IEX’s customers receive all the features necessary for conducting a successful business, a high ROI and an even higher customer satisfaction response.

Kelly McGuire is a TMCnet Editor. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Kelly McGuire
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