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To Improve Customer Relationships, Major Bank Deploys NICE SmartCenter

December 14, 2009

Securing contracts left and right, NICE Systems, a provider of advanced solutions for companies to capture, store, retrieve and analyze customer interactions for contact centers and enterprises, is a hot commodity that many people in the securities and telecom industries want to get their hands on.

On the heels the largest Colombian bank deploying a fraud management program through Actimize – a NICE company – the company also announced that BB&T, a major bank in the United States, selected NICE’s SmartCenter suite to improve customer service provided by its contact center agents.

According to Yochai Rozenblat, president of NICE Americas, the company is currently leading the market in assisting financial service companies to build customer relationships while reducing costs with NICE’s systems.

“The selection of NICE by BB&T Bank presents an opportunity for NICE to support a financial industry leader in its efforts to build solid, longstanding relationships with its customers while achieving regulatory compliance and reducing operational costs,” Rozenblat said. “These are the benefits that the NICE SmartCenter suite can deliver to any financial organization pursuing the goals of improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn, improving operational efficiency and containing costs in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment.”

With over $165 billion in assets as of Sept. 30, 2009, BB&T’s rapid growth lends itself suitably to the SmartCenter suite, which addresses interactions across a variety of channels, spanning call recording, quality management, multi-channel interaction analytics, workforce management and performance management.

“The selection of NICE by BB&T confirms this longstanding leadership in providing advanced solutions for achieving regulatory compliance, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction,” Rozenblat said.

Helping companies effectively manage businesses relationship with its customers, NICE’s SmartCenter has been deployed in many other financial institutions and telecom companies all over the world.

And, based on the company’s trends, it seems that NICE is trending towards agreements with financial institutions. 

When asked in a recent TMCnet interview, Rozenblat said that NICE solutions are used by enterprises from a wide variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, outsourcing, retail and utilities.  

“NICE’s market leadership in the financial sector is based on extensive experience in delivering field-proven, large scale mission-critical solutions that meet the rigorous reliability requirements of multi-site, high-end financial services institutions,” he said. “NICE customers in the financial services industry include the world’s top-10 banks, thousands of financial institutions and contact centers, and most of the trading floors in the world.”

Additionally, Rozenblat said that financial organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on NICE’s solutions for a variety of reasons stemming primarily from economic factors.

“One [reason] is that call volumes in the contact centers of financial organizations, such as banks, mortgage companies, and investment portfolio managers, have grown as people are more concerned about their investments, have trouble paying their mortgages, or are comparing deals among competitors,” he said. “As a result, NICE’s customers need to record/store calls for regulatory purposes, better train agents on handling new types of high-emotion calls, more efficiently schedule agents for peak call times, or understand why customers are calling.”  
And, the financial crisis has results in greater scrutiny of financial institutions, making NICE’s services a prime investment for the financial industry and financial organizations looking to bring a new wave of respect to the scene.
“Solutions from Actimize, a NICE company, provide financial industry customers with the benefit of an integrated platform for anti-money laundering, real-time cross-channel fraud prevention, brokerage compliance, and enterprise case and investigation management,” Rozenblat said.

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