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ADR Installs Workforce Monitor Service at Construction Sites in San Antonio, Houston

December 06, 2012

ADR Software has announced the installation of its automated Workforce Monitor service at construction sites in San Antonio and Houston.

The company is excited about commencing operations in Texas, said Bruce Labovitz, cofounder and president of ADR, adding that Texas represents a big opportunity.

“We expect to increase our presence in Texas significantly over the next 12 months,” he said.

For the Workforce Monitor, these assignments are the first in Texas. It was installed at a project for Holder Construction in San Antonio, and in Houston it was deployed at the BLVD Place project for WS Bellows Construction.

Holder and WS Bellows have selected the Workforce Monitor to provide automated, real-time workforce monitoring, documentation and analysis, Labovitz said.

The Workforce Monitor service is now tracking over twenty thousand resources a day, Labovitz said.

“Using Workforce Monitor’s RFID-based architecture provides customers with a hassle-free means of documenting workforce activities in real time without disrupting pedestrian traffic flow or slowing shift changes.”

The Workforce Monitor data also provides a third-party validated source of live job information that customers use every day to help them better document and manage their projects.

“As we continue to grow and penetrate new markets, the value of the data we are collecting increases exponentially to our customers, their sub-contractors, project owners and industry analysts,” Labovitz said.

General contractors, owners, project managers and sub-contractors use Workforce Monitor to provide real-time workforce visibility, to empower real-time workforce decision making, to provide invaluable project workforce documentation, to improve safety awareness and response readiness, and to manage risk.

Workforce Monitor reportedly uses RFID tags, embedded in all-weather job stickers affixed to hard hats and ID badges, to monitor workforce traffic without delays, interruptions or inconsistencies.

Earlier in August, ADR integrated SharePoint into its automated Workforce Monitor service.

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