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Keeping Customer Service Effective

February 05, 2013

Customer service is the first, last and best line of defense between a customer and dissatisfaction. As such, providing good customer service should be essential to businesses, and yet many feel that just adequate, or even “not that bad” are acceptable, and “good” is reserved for those rare occasions to indicate you’re doing something right.

Employees should, and usually do, have the power to provide customers with personalized offers, recommendations made to suit the customer’s needs and solutions to customer problems without going through the wretched hive of bureaucracy. The more they can provide for a customer, the happier the customer will be, which will reflect well on the business.

Speaking of, an organization should be able to both analyze and recognize the success of its employees. With analytics, quality evaluations, customer feedback and so on, it’s easier than ever to know just how good a job an employee is doing. As such, those who are doing a good job can be recognized and rewarded, while those with less than admirable performances can receive training to better help their customers.

To help with that, there are many systems and solutions that can help with customer interaction. For example, NICE Systems (News - Alert) has Customer Interaction Management solutions, which help improve customer interaction across all communication channels and points in real-time. It provides solutions for compliance and risk, as well as workforce optimization, operational efficiency, sales and retention, and more, ensuring the customer is always happy.

Making one customer upset can have a huge impact. One angry tweet is like proton torpedo down the ventilation shaft of your Customer Satisfaction Star, creating a chain reaction of retweets that can destroy everything. Customer service must always be at its best, so that happy customers can create a healthy business.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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