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Fintech Firm Taps NICE for Workforce Optimization

January 24, 2017

There's a lot of value in getting the most out of a workforce, but delivering that level of workforce optimization tends to require specific tools to take what's already there and make it even better. That's why a major financial technology (fintech) firm recently turned to NICE's inContact arm to bring in the Customer Interaction Cloud system in a bid to step up its own workforce optimization operations.

With the Customer Interaction Cloud comes a slate of new tools that businesses can use to put more flexibility into the operation, and put several new workforce optimization systems in place as well. The unnamed fintech company, for example, will be using the system to not only better integrate over 200 locations in the United States, but also two contact centers currently located in Mexico. This cross-border operation will now boast a complement of over 1,000 agents, which requires the appropriate tools to make a fitting workforce optimization effort take place.

What's more, this fintech company clearly needs workforce optimization thanks to rapid expansion. The company is currently seeing 70 percent growth on a year-to-year measure that makes it clear that scalability in operations systems is vital to ongoing success. The company plans to add at least 50 agents per month, every month, over the course of a year, bringing their total to 1,500 operating agents. Throw in the fact that the company's contracting with another group—an inContact customer as well—for another 200 to 300, and just keeping this workforce on the same page might be a challenge in its own right.

With tools like automatic call distribution and an interactive voice response (IVR) system in place as part of the inContact workforce optimization effort, it should smooth the flow of operations and allow customers to reach the best contact for the issue the first time, every time.

While this fintech example is a great case in point situation for workforce optimization in general, some might think that its value as an analogy is limited due to the sheer—and downright massive—size of the company overall. It's true that this firm is huge, but there's no denying that even companies with a bare tenth of this workforce can still benefit from optimization efforts. These may not look the same or require the same tools, but making a workforce run at its peak is vital to getting the job done.

Though inContact is proving the value of workforce optimization for these bigger firms, there's also lots of value for the smaller companies as well. Working to get the most out of a workforce is smart for smaller firms, and taking a proactive stance in favor of optimization can yield a variety of benefits.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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