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SwipeClock, Evolution HCM Team Up for Workforce Optimization

March 20, 2017

Getting the most out of a current workforce is, for many businesses, a major priority. Being able to do the job with what's already on hand is much better than having to bring in fresh resources, and that makes workforce optimization a vital tool for those organizations. A recent move between Evolution and SwipeClock should make for a great new way to make the most out of the human resources already on hand.

With the new SwipeClock / Evolution co-production, Evolution's human capital management (HCM) systems will be able to add new options for those already using the SwipeClock Workforce Management Suite,  adding new employee and timecard-related data that helps improve labor costs and ensures better compliance with applicable laws in the field.

The two systems allow employee data to be more rapidly and effectively synchronized from Evolution to SwipeClock, while also allowing time card data from SwipeClock to be more readily built into Evolution's operations for better and faster payroll processing. Essentially, the two systems are better able to work together on several major points of workforce operations, thus allowing for workforce optimization options to better go through. The workforce becomes easier to manage, which means it takes fewer resources to manage it, and that can translate into cost savings.

Evolution's senior vice president of sales and marketing Kathey S. Palmer commented “Providing a path for service providers to grow their businesses is at the center of everything we do. Given that a majority of our current payroll partners are using SwipeClock's workforce management solutions, it makes complete sense to further expand and deepen the integration of our two platforms to deliver unparalleled accuracy, productivity, and financial control.”

Any time that waste can be safely cut out of a system—don't make the mistake of automatically assuming all redundancy is waste, because a certain amount of redundancy is often necessary to keep a system running at peak effectiveness—it's a good idea to look into it. A system like SwipeClock and Evolution's, which allows one of the biggest issues in workforce management to be better handled, should certainly be considered as a means to effectively eliminate waste in major processes and create a better-flowing system in the meantime, which helps improve operations and gives workforce optimization more room to run.

Workforce optimization never comes in a vacuum; it's the result of new processes, tools, and ways of thinking that produce a valuable new whole. SwipeClock and Evolution have a great new tool here that should deliver plenty of value in optimizing the workforce.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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