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Interactions-ICUC 2017 Offers Expert Advice on Customer Service

April 04, 2017

You can never have too much of a good thing, and anyone who says otherwise is just flat out wrong. Whether we’re talking about chocolate, vacation time or a positive customer experience the more the merrier. In all seriousness, good customer experiences are always welcome.  That was the thinking behind NICE and inContact’s latest move. NICE just announced that two of most informative customer conferences, Interactions (News - Alert) and ICUC (inContact user conference), are coming together for the first time.

Interactions-ICUC 2017, which will take place May 8-10 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, will be the largest event of its kind in the industry. Thanks to the events’ individual successes, the combination of the two will attract over 2,000 industry experts and customer service leaders. Interactions-ICUC 2017 is going to offer over 130 sessions, with more than half being led by customers sharing their real experiences with NICE and inContact solutions. Truthfully, there’s no better way to prove the success of a customer experience than by hearing it from the customers themselves.

Paul Jarman, CEO, inContact, commented on the customer review aspect by saying, “Our customers have a tremendous opportunity with this year’s joint conference, Interactions-ICUC 2017. This year’s conference will feature more customers sharing their successes and key learnings. Because inContact and NICE are both recognized as industry leaders, this is an event not to be missed.”

Attendees have a lot to look forward to. The event is starting out with a bang, with a keynote from Laura Cullen, Vice President of Operational Reporting and Analytics for Comcast (News - Alert) Cable’s Northeast Division, and Geeta Wilson, Vice President, Consumer Experience – Enterprise Transformation at Humana Inc. It will also end on an even higher note, with award winning actor Alec Baldwin closing the event (now there’s someone who knows a thing or two about grabbing customers’ attention).

In the time between the exciting opening keynote and closing remarks from Alec Baldwin, attendees will be able to choose from numerous tracks, all of which address the major opportunities and trends in customer service. Each track will address best practices in going through the various transformations organizations face today including data, digital, and cloud transformations. This year’s main topics include Transforming Customer Experience, Omnichannel Customer Journey, Adaptive Workforce Optimization, Analytics With No Limits, Process Automation, and Cloud Technologies.

All in all, the purpose of Interactions-ICUC 2017 is to help organizations understand how to deliver an exceptional customer experience, improve business results and ensure compliance. Since this show is a result of NICE and inContact coming together, it’s safe to say that no other event will be able to compare when it comes to expert advice. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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