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inContact Adds Dizzion to iCE

April 12, 2017

The inContact inCloud Ecosystem (iCE) has added another piece of software to its business portfolio. Dizzion is a provider of virtual desktops and end user solutions for businesses, allowing business employees to connect to their desktops from anywhere in the world and access their business’s solutions. Dizzion allows employees to work from home, and for businesses to grow their workforce when dictated to do so by need without having to deal with the logistical issues and costs associated with physically bringing more employees into the office space.

Remote desktop providers make it possible for workforces to be much more flexible. Employees can easily connect remotely to their work, meaning that travel and convenience do not need to be sacrificed in the name of getting work done. For that reason, businesses in general and specifically contact center providers are focusing on adding more cloud-based features to their business software portfolios.

“Offering a wide array of cloud contact center products and workforce optimization features, it’s only logical that we also give our clients the opportunity to implement cloud delivered desktops,” said Graham Allen, Senior Director Product Management for inContact. “We’re excited to see how our current and future customers respond to this partnership and look forward to being able to offer a more complete and robust cloud solution to contact centers.”

The business climate of today’s world is such that flexibility is perhaps the most important quality a business can have. Employees need to have the ability to be on the move at all times without losing their connection to the goings on in their place of work. Cloud based applications and remote desktops are incredibly important for employees to be able to do this. Thus, leveraging these technologies is vital to increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. That is why the end user solutions that Dizzion offers are so important and were so highly sought after by inContact inCloud. It was definitely a strong strategic move by the business software provider to add Dizzion to its portfolio.

Edited by Alicia Young
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